First Stone 2016/2022


National Coach Museum 

Av. da Índia 136, 1300-300 Lisbon


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Exhibition Map EN/PT

The First Stone 2016/2022 exhibition presents 74 original works in Portuguese stone, designed by 36 authors from 15 countries and produced by the national industry and craftsmanship. The exhibited pieces are the result of a passionate collaboration between the authors and the multiple people and companies that produced them. In each and one of them a different look into this millennial resource, the stone. A challenge directed to the visual arts, architecture and design and their transforming power.

Architects, product designers and plastic artists, historically used to this material, here explore less usual paths related to their practices; graphic designers, more distant to stone as a communication material, here opened a new chapter at a time when the world is digitising and dematerialising.

After this unique series of innovative projects has been partially shown in London, Milan, New York, São Paulo, Venice, Weil am Rhein, Basel and Dubai, in some of the most interesting contemporary museums, institutions and events, First Stone is now presented for the first time in its entirety in Lisbon. It is revealed in what is one of the most important Portuguese museums and alongside the largest collection of coaches in the world. It interacts with the museum complex both in the exterior spaces, mainly the large square, as well as its interior, allowing a multiplicity of dialogues between past, present and future.

The First Stone 2016/2022 exhibition is open to the public between June 24 and January 15, Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. To visit the 24 projects inside the museum it is necessary to purchase a ticket at the entrance. The 17 projects presented in the exterior square can be visited anytime and without a ticket. Download the exhibition map to find out more about the location of these 41 projects and 74 pieces, as well as their dialogues and concepts behind them. 

The First Stone 2016/2022 exhibition opened with the presence of more than two thirds of the 36 authors in Lisbon and a series of debates at the Tivoli BBVA Theatre. The inauguration, open to the general public, receiving around 700 people, started at 10pm with a performance in the exterior square associated with the piece “Pedra do Tempo”, designed by the brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba. There was also a DJ & Light Design set, part of the piece designed by the graphic designer Frith Kerr “This dance ain’t for everybody, Only the sexy people (Dance Floor)”, and the performance with a work-in-progress framework of the piece “El Lissitzky” by the graphic designer Pedro Falcão, both in the first floor of the museum.