Vladimir Djurovic


Of Montenegrin descent, Vladimir Djurovic was born in Lebanon in 1967 and pursued his studies abroad. He received his Undergraduate Degree in Horticulture from Reading University in England and his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the School of Environmental Design at the University of Georgia in the US. After working in the US for several years, he returned to Lebanon to establish his landscape architectural practice in 1995. Since its inception, Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture has been committed to the creation of landscapes that draw out the uniqueness of environments with a simplicity of gesture that gives nature the stage. For over 20 years, they have been working closely with select clients and architects, slowly developing a notable body of work throughout the world. More recently, they have focused their mission towards projects that address the pressing environmental and social issues facing us today. Projects that partner up with nature and pave the way for a much needed change in the way we relate to it. Djurovic has lectured extensively in several venues and has been granted numerous international awards.



Vladimir Djurovic