Common Sense

São Paulo

Instituto Lina Bo e P.M Bardi-Casa de Vidro

Rua General Almério de Moura, 200
05690-080 – São Paulo / Brazil



Pavilhão da Bienal – Ibirapuera
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n
São Paulo / Brazil


Common Sense is a product design exhibition that explores ideas concerning everyday objects and utensils made out of Portuguese stone. It is the result of a process that delves into themes associated with the relationship between design and natural materials, and its subsequent role in contemporary society. The project also calls for contemplation on the idea of common sense and simplicity, both of which are sometimes lost in times of great technological advances and formal and functional complexity.

Common Sense was presented in two different venues: first at the famous Lina Bo Bardi Glass House, inaugurating on the 1st of August and open to the public from 3 – 27 August, and then at the MADE design fair, which took place at the São Paulo Biennale Pavilion from 9 – 13 August.