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Muros de Luz

Studio MK27

For this piece, Portuguese stone has been applied to an architectural element typical of Brazilian modernism: cobogó walls. Under the effect of light, two perpendicular walls are multiplied and extended through effects created by shadow. Permeable to the elements, they relate to the landscape in a more dynamic and direct way. Using two types of stone, the thickness of the exterior of the walls reveals a second colour and texture.


Muros de Luz, by Studio MK27

Portuguese stone has been applied to an architectural element that is typical of Brazilian modernism and widely used in Studio MK27 houses: cobogó walls. In the tropics, the amount of light is generous, and the tracery filters out the sun. At night, the interior light traverses the empty spaces, revealing the silhouettes and experiences of the inside.

Two orthogonal walls lay in a garden near a tree. The effect of the sunlight multiplies and diffuses graphic shadow effects. Permeable to the wind, the walls relate to the landscape by extending perspective. Modulated into square pieces that are randomly distributed in four different positions, they create a dynamic and rhythmic effect. Each individual piece is a combination of two different types of stone, conjoined at the edges, taking advantage of the precision of computerized cutting. Thus, magically, the thickness of the wall reveals a second colour and texture that is different on the exterior.