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Amanda Levete

This object is formed by the deconstruction of a large block of marble into a complex set of smaller pieces. The entire shape is inspired by the calcite crystal structures that compose the rock and give it its resistance. The result is a series of pieces of different dimensions that together compose an entire block. When used individually these pieces can serve as seats, small tables or decorative elements.


Metamórfica, by Amanda Levete – AL_A

At a macro level, marble is a resistive, metamorphic stone, strong in compression. At a micro level, it is a complex structure composed of innumerable calcite crystals.

Our proposal, Metamórfica, aims to celebrate these material properties. When fully assembled, Metamórfica is a perfect cuboid. It is a simple, monolithic and stable form. Its surface is rough and unpolished, seemingly fresh from the quarry, but beneath this unrefined façade lies a beautiful and complex composition of nine marble fragments. The disassembly process reveals that the interior facets of these fragments are smooth and highly polished. This refined finish, coupled with the triangulation that facilitates the interlocking system, bridges the gap between stone and crystal. Each piece has the potential to be appropriated in different ways, with suitable dimensions for stools, coffee tables and benches.

To reinforce the concept of parts coming together to form a homogenous whole, all the pieces are cut from the same Portuguese marble, Pele de Tigre. It is white in colour, with a thin to medium grain and irregular blue-grey veins.

In tandem with the 1:1 installation of Metamórfica, we have also designed a 1:25 marble souvenir. Using the same interlocking system, but at a smaller scale, the composition of marble pieces becomes an intriguing, tactile and challenging puzzle.