El Lissitzky

Pedro Falcão

With a strong conceptual component and a minimal approach, El Lissitzky is a triptych that embodies an homage to the work of Russian artist and designer Lazar Markovich Lissitzky and Russian Constructivism. With a sculptural nature and a puzzle-like structural composition, the stone pieces allow for several interpretations of three paintings that Falcão created in 2001, and that he now carries into 2017. This project also reveals a sense of tension between the strength of the mass of the stone, with each piece weighing approximately 1200 kg, and an almost imperceptible fragility, owing to the fact that nothing holds the stone blocks together.


El Lissitzky, by Pedro Falcão

It was most likely through Lazar Markovich Lissitzky that I became familiar with some of the Russian artists who incited my interest in the twentieth-century aesthetic and political movement, Russian Constructivism. The artists of this movement practiced various creative disciplines, from photography to architecture, as well as graphic design. These are all fields that interest me and that permeate my everyday life. In 2001 I created 3 medium-sized paintings dedicated to El Lissitzky, with each canvas containing an F, V and T, respectively. For the Still Motion project I decided to pay homage to the Russian artist with 3 sculptures that mimic those paintings.