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Manuel Aires Mateus

A perfect cube, fractured unevenly into two parts, and held together only by the force of gravity. Serving as the conceptual framework for the building designed by the Aires Mateus atelier for MUDAC (the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts) and the Musée de L’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, the piece is characterised by a horizontal void, separating the two equal parts, where the bottom part ingeniously bears the full weight of the top through strategically selected points of support. Without a fixing agent of any kind, the piece appears both strong and structurally fragile, creating a poignant and fascinating contradiction, which is further emphasised by the weight and resistance of the marble.

Fenda, by Manuel Aires Mateus

The piece follows the research initiated in the design of the museums of photography and design in Lausanne. A space of tension is drawn between two heavy masses. The void connects both parts, which structurally touch each other in a minimum number of points, three.