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Paulo David

The design of this piece is intended to achieve a state of sitting and resting, of leaning and stopping to feel the passage of time, of pause. Formed by three individual parts, it can be arranged in various formations. The pure white marble has been chosen to contrast with the intensity of its surroundings, which can range from an expansive stretch of greenery to a cosmopolitan garden.


Mult, by Paulo David

(solid petrification placed on the splendorous ground…resting on a distinctive meadow)

|solid petrification|

To achieve a state of leaning, sitting and resting through the design of the stone… To simply stop and feel a certain time, to mark a standstill.
Formed by one or more pieces to enable various states of being, exalted by its precise cut and the smoothness of its petrified quality.
Materialized in pure white, in the desire to reflect a counterpoint in the vastness of the setting it lays upon, a meadow, a cosmopolitan garden in some particular city.